GiftCaddies is the leader of an advanced concept known as "social gifting". We have created an application, which allows users to send tangible, sometimes immediate gifts to friends across town, or across the country, all from their mobile device. We will help make every gift giving experience for both the giver and the receiver personal and thoughtful. Trust us next time you find yourself ordering another gift card for someone that you know deserves more.

  • Send your friend a drink at a bar when he's 3,000 miles from you. 
  • Send dessert for your best friend birthday while she's out to dinner in another city. 
  • Send your mother flowers because she deserves them.
  • Send pizza to your son or daughter who is studying hard for final exams.
  • Send a bottle of wine to your parents on their anniversary.

By using GIftCaddies, you are supporting local businesses by allowing us to do the local shopping for you.

​"Unleash your inner gifter"